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Siemens and Cadel Evans Siemens and Cadel Evans Siemens and Cadel Evans Siemens and Cadel Evans Siemens and Cadel Evans

We brought Siemens Australia and Cadel Evans together because they are a natural fit. They are both concerned with creating a more sustainable way of life. Siemens brings a host of technological innovations and Cadel is able to help promote the benefits of making sustainable choices to a broad audience.

Most people who are familiar with Cadel Evans would know that he has a strong social conscience, and in keeping with this, he has always been a supporter of sustainability. When he became a father in 2012, his desire to protect the future of the planet became even stronger.

Globally, Siemens has made a strategic decision to focus more on technology that can help improve sustainable living. Operating across a range of industries, including energy, transport and healthcare, it hopes to help transform cities into cleaner, more efficient and healthier places.

Given their similar philosophies, Signature Sport brought Siemens and Cadel together to see how they could help each other. Much more than a simple sponsorship arrangement, the two have formed a mutually beneficial partnership.

One of the first events they were involved in was the FutuRide initiative at Federation Square in Melbourne. Cadel and hundreds of other riders set two Guinness World Records – one for generating the most electricity by pedalling bikes, and one for illuminating the most lights by pedal power. Needless to say, the event received widespread media coverage.

In addition, Cadel has helped a world-leading cardiopulmonary research project by ‘riding’ inside an MRI scanner, and he participates in Ride Days and other events for Siemens staff and VIPs. Cadel has also tweeted about Siemens initiatives, such as the building of wind farm towers in South Australia, significantly increasing traffic to the Siemens website.

Based on the media attention and other benefits generated by all of these events, the partnership between Siemens and Cadel is set to continue for many years.


Multi-faceted partnership running over 4 years


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