News / Cadel leads 1000 riders to break two World Records

Cadel leads 1000 riders to break two World Records

Thanks to Siemens, Cadel Evans tonight led 1000 riders to break two Guinness World RecordsTM when they lit up a giant Christmas tree at FutuRide, Federation Square.

FutuRide highlights to Australian’s how people and technology can work together to address the challenges of today for a better tomorrow. The riders broke two Guinness World Records reaching a total of 4630 watt hours for the most electricity generated by pedalling on bikes and 35,028 LED lights for the most lights lit by pedal power.

Siemens’ ambassador in Australia, Cadel Evans said he was thrilled to lead the huge peloton of riders to break two Guinness World Records and to raise awareness amongst Australian’s of the importance of taking action and creating behaviour change for a sustainable future.

“Looking out and seeing the hero shot with more than 35,000 Christmas lights flooding Federation Square was truly inspiring. This is a reminder of the reason behind the FutuRide event; that as a society we must come together to collectively change our behaviour and build a sustainable future,” Cadel Evans said.

CEO of Siemens in Australia, Jeff Connolly said that the FutuRide event was a great success to kick off Siemens in Australia’s three year awareness program of how technology and people can contribute to a sustainable future.

“This event was a great symbol of what can be achieved when we combine people and technology to take action for a common cause. I would like to think that future generations would be proud of the effort we have put in today, and of our focus on building a sustainable future,” Mr Connolly said.

Tonight’s achievement was made possible though the combined efforts of all the participants and VIP riders who achieved two Guinness World Records.


11 December 2012

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