News / Cadel Evans announces retirement from professional cycling

Cadel Evans announces retirement from professional cycling

My retirement from professional cycling.

Yes it is true. After a long period of contemplation within, and with those closest to me, I feel it is the right time to end my journey in competitive professional cycling. It has been the journey of more than a lifetime, something I could never have envisaged when first experiencing the joy of riding a bike on the dirt roads of  Bamylli (Barunga) in the Northern Territory. It’s amazing how far two wheels can take a person!

There will be more to come in time, but for now I would like to thank some people. To my family and friends who mean the world to me, thank you. The coaches I have been fortunate enough to work with, thank you. To the teams I have represented and the team mates I have ridden against and trained alongside, thank you. A special thank you to my current and final team, BMC. We believed in each other and consequently conquered the Tour. To my mentors who know who they are, thank you. To my sponsors who believed in me and supported me through the good and the bad times, thank you. And to the many fans and people around the world who just enjoy riding a bike. Thank you and keep riding.

For me this is not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter of my life. And yes I still have some big races to ride in from Sunday’s Men’s Road World Championships for Australia to the inaugural Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race on February 1, 2015 where I will sign-off on my professional cycling journey. I hope to see you there.

Once more, thank you. It has been an honour and a privilege.