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Gerard Whateley commits to SEN long term

Sports Entertainment Network (SEN) is thrilled to announce a three-year contract extension with Gerard Whateley, the nation’s pre-eminent sports broadcaster. The extension ensures that Whateley’s iconic presence and unrivalled expertise will continue to grace SEN’s airwaves until 2028.

Since joining SEN in 2018, Whateley has been the centrepiece of the network’s broadcast team and captivated audiences with his award-winning program, ‘Whateley’. The show has garnered widespread acclaim, earning the Best Radio Program title at the Australian Football Media Awards an astounding five times in its six years on air.

Whateley’s remarkable 2023 further solidified his standing in the sports media landscape by clinching the Australian Sports Commission Media Award for Best Coverage by an Individual (Broadcast) and the Australian Commercial Radio Award for Best Sports Presenter (Metro). His insightful analysis, compelling storytelling, and unmistakable voice of reason make the ‘Whateley’ program a must-listen for sports fans nationwide.

Whateley’s accolades include four wins of the prestigious Alf Brown Award for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Sports Broadcasting and repeated recognition as Australia’s Best Radio Caller.

“Gerard is one of a kind in the sports broadcasting world,” said SEN CEO Craig Hutchison.

“He is incredibly respected by his audiences and the sporting world.

“His ability to take fans inside the world of sport in a meaningful and fair manner through unique story telling is unrivalled. And his live play by play sports broadcasting of every major sport showcases this story telling in a whole other sphere, catching and describing moments in a way that live in the mind for years.

“By securing his long-term commitment, SEN reaffirms its position as the forefront of quality sports journalism across all media platforms.”

In addition to hosting his flagship daily program, Whateley will remain SEN’s Chief Sports Caller. He has called the greatest sporting events on the calendar, including the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup, Olympic Games, Test Cricket, and the NFL Super Bowl.

“I’m thrilled to make another long-term commitment with SEN. I’ve never been more confident in the direction and ambition of the business and treasure my place in that,” said Gerard Whateley.

“The vision to take our audiences to the great sporting events both here and around the world remains as fierce as the day I started here. And the daily conversation surrounding sport has never been more vibrant and vital given the evolution and issues contained within the games we play.

“I’m grateful for the partnership and opportunities we are crafting together and sharing with the sports-loving public.”

This article first appeared on the SEN website